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Grundschule Aystetten

Our school, Grundschule Aystetten, is an elementary school in a small village within about 3200 inhabitants. In our school we instruct around 100 pupils with 6 teachers in 5 classes from the first to the fourth grade. In our school we cater for a number of children with special needs (educational, behaviour and physical). The children are integrated in mainstream classes. Their special needs are met by the class teachers. All our pupils are supported by their parents open minded and in a good productive way. All parents collaborate with teachers and the institution. We also work together with the University of Augsburg: Regularly we support students to get first practice and to get to know the profession of a teacher. Something very special of our school is the „Schulwald“. It´s a little forest next to our school. There the pupils learn a lot about nature and sustainability. With this project we intend to use our „Schulwald“ to think about the connections between weather and nature.
weather box spring

I.1. weather forecast
I.2. Bee-Bots: weather symbols
I.3. Quiz weather forecast (Kahoot)
I.4. manual to build a wind chime
I.5. experiments about wind and air
I.6. manual to build a parachute

II. weather box summer

II.1. manual to build a sundial
II.2. manual to build a pinwheel
II.3. the sound of water and weather
II.4. „four seasons“ / Vivaldi listen to the music and free creative painting
II.5. manual to build a frisk wind chime
II.6. examples for a musically weather forecast

II. weather box  autumn

III.1. Fermi-task: pile of leaves
III.2. How does wind develop?
III.3. How does fog und clouds develop?
III.4. How does a rainbow develop?
III.5.„Stop-Motion“  trick films“
III.6. vegetable soup

IV. weather box winter

IV.1. construction of an igloo
IV.2. white christmas: in former times and now
IV.3. construction of a thermometer
IV.4. water, ice and melting point
IV.5. snowflake - geometrie
IV.6. all about snow

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